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A secret-santa exchange for LJ icon.
Roll Call for August is OPENED.

Sign-up Post for August: http://community.livejournal.com/100x100xchnge/487098.html

The official community blacklist is being rewritten.

This community, much like Gryphon Exchange, Dragon Exchange and many other exchange communities on LJ is a secret-santa like activity where you sign up with information (form provided in sign-up post) and are privately messaged a 'chosen one' whom you must draw. Likewise, someone else gets you as their chosen, and everybody's happy.

So, the rules-

1. Draw as you would be drawn. Yes, this is an icon exchange, but don't put in less effort just because of that. I suggest you work at a size higher than 100x100 pixels and then shrink it down and post the larger image as well as the smallified icon ;3 Alternatively, if you are working in an animated format, don't worry about posting a larger image- just make sure we can see/read whatever it is that you post!

1a) We do enforce basic quality standards here. Don't worry about them too much - as long as you put effort into your work, you'll probably stay. Fala/awake_till_dawn (your mod in service) enforces this at her own discretion. If you do feel as though you received something that was under basic standards, please email Fala and let her know. Her email is fala_fox at yahoo dot com and she'll listen thoroughly to your concern and take proper action if necessary.

2. Get your art in on time. Rounds last one month each and you should be able to put out one icon in that time. If your computer exploded that's one thing, but please get in your art on time if at all possible. If you don't get your icon in due to laziness or whatnot, you will be placed on the blacklist and banned from future exchanges until you draw and apologize to your chosen. You can appear on the blacklist a maximum of three times - if you appear a third time, you will be given an appropriate and lengthy suspension.

3. Don't be an ass. Don't make posts about how much you or anyone else sucks, and don't let anyone bring you down. Happy shiny people. *nodnod* We have a zero tolerance policy on harassment, and such cases will be dealt with appropriately.

4. Also in accordance to the previous rule, always remember to thank the person who has drawn you. It's extremely rude and ungrateful, and hurts feelings if you don't.

5. As far as x-rated and mature themes go, I personally do not care unless your chosen has otherwise specified. If you are planning on drawing your chosen with a ball gag, do so only if they have specified that that is ok on the ratings section of the form.

6. No spam/advertising (unless approved by the mod first.) If you want to advertise an exchange community, you can go to exchangepimpin. Not here. However, if you are an active community member, it IS okay to attach a blurb about being open for icon commissions when you turn in your icon, as long as it's a short blurb on the same post.

I'm sure I missed some things but generally it's all good. Just respect your fellow entrants and do your best on the icons :)

once again if you have any problems feel free to email fala at fala_fox at yahoo dot com.
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